Art & Motion Camps

Tuesday-Thursday 10:am-1:pm         $150.00 per week

                                                                             for Ages 4 to 6


YOUTH                                                                                 for Ages 7 to 11



for Ages 9 AND UP - GIRLS ONLY

Summer Camps




This camp is designed after the Art & Motion school year program.  Your child will explore visual arts through a variety of mediums and imaginative materials. Projects, open studio time, community, and some outside (weather permitting). The second part of camp is Aikido. Our emphasis is on body movement and ukemi, rolling and falling. Everyone is empowered when learning to fall builds confidence instead of fear.  Students will learn respect, patience, cooperation, focus, and the discipline to incorporate these concepts into class and applications in daily life.

To register For Little Kids Art & Motion camp PLEASE email your contact info to                                                       or           



This camp is similar to the above Art & Motion camp but takes it up a notch.       Studio time will have a variety of materials designed to give kids a moral and ethical look at Samurai culture and how it has evolved into the modern art of Aikido. Origami, watercolors, pen and brush, as well shelves filled with materials and possibility. In the dojo (place of Practice), we will learn and practice basic Aikido movement and concepts. Expressed through rudimentary movement and games, we will work on respect, bullying, and empowerment.    

To register for Youth Art & Motion camp PLEASE email your contact info to                                                                                  or          


NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW     SUMMER 2016                                                   ARMORED LOTUS - THROW LIKE A GIRL

This new camp is dedicated to girls only. Developed in response to ongoing requests, and with the core belief that young girls develop self-confidence with strength of mind and body, while nurturing and empowering self-expression and creativity through artistic endeavors. Taught by Sensei Chris Mills (4th degree black belt), and Julie Mills, we will explore practical street-safe self-defense. Situations unique to their changing bodies and world including body awareness, bullying, gender harassment, hygiene, safe dating (yikes, and yes) a positive place to redirect stress and physical changes unique to their world at this time in their life. Future classes and seminars as the class and students grow older will include practical safety skills when living away from home; changing a tire, installing a deadbolt, managing a budget, and general life skills with a continuing emphasis on incorporating mind and body strength and coordination as well as artistic expression.  A afe place where girls can talk, draw, listen to music, build community, awareness,  and friendships that will spill over into many facets of their ever changing worlds.                                                                                                                                                  

To register for Youth Art & Motion camp PLEASE email your contact info to                                                                     or